Monday, May 23, 2016

Saudi Arabia Jeddah Popular Shower Enclosure

Saudi Arabia Jeddah Popular Shower Enclosure.

5mm tempered glass, optional 6mm for higher quality.

Obscure glass by acid etching. 

Top quality S.S 304 handles, Chromed/brushed/brushed nickel.

Optional 2pcs shower tray ( shower tray with removable apron).

Double Wheels* 8 pcs, heavy duty and durable. 

High quality magnetic door seal

Heavy duty Curved aluminum profiles, bright chrome, all adjustment included.

Size available:

(semi circular)



                                   Video Presentation

Shower Tray With Removable Skirt

                                             Shower Tray With Removable Skirt

Video Presentation: 

Shower Tray With Removable Skirt, 2 pcs shower tray, shower tray with detachable Skirt, Shower tray with removable apron. Shower Tray With Removable Skirt for easy maintenance.

Size available: square: 80*80, 90*90, 100*100/cm
Circular: 80*80, 90*90, 100*100/cm
Height: 15cm

Tray Material: ABS
Steel frame coupled with multiple layer of fibreglass and resin.

5 adjustable legs

Anti Slipping textures on the bottom.
Lips(flange) built all around the shower tray preventing water from going outside.

Special grooves on the platform direct water to waste, so less water retains than flat platform version.

Color: White/Off white(Ivory)

Removable Skirt is built for easy maintenance.

When we have a plugged drain or when we need to repalce it,   in such times, we can easily handle these situation by removing the Skirt/Apron in the front, simply loosen up the screws  at the fixing points until the bracket come off from the legs. Now the skirt is removed. 

And to put back the skirt is same easy as taking it off.

Shower Tray With Removable Skirt-Highly Demand in Middle East